Roger Waters Drops Willie Nelson Drug Bombshell


Roger Waters recently addressed a fan theory which suggests that Pink Floyd’s iconic LP “Dark Side of the Moon” was in perfect sync with the classic 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Waters was quick to slam the theory and labeled it “bullsh*t.”

Roger Waters opens up on the matter

The rock history has witnessed several conspiracy theories. But the one that Waters was asked to comment on during a recent interview with Joe Rogan definitely stands out as one of the most creative. The theory argues that the songs from Pink Floyd’s pièce de résistance perfectly correspond to the plot and pacing of “The Wizard of Oz”, and that the songs’ lyrics and titles serve as commentary on corresponding scenes.

This eccentric idea was first put forward in 1995 via an article published in The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and has since attracted many converts – so much so that some TV stations even used to give an option to have “Dark Side of the Moon” playing instead of the movie’s original score. However, Waters went on to snub the whole concept, as he explained:

“[Laughs] It’s bullshit. Of course it is. I mean, it may not be. It may be that if you do what they say – but has nothing to do with us, any of us. Nothing to do with anyone in Pink Floyd, or anyone who wrote or recorded any of the music. It’s something that somebody thinks. So, it’s a coincidence… And maybe it’s [with exaggerated awe] cosmic coincidence.”

Waters reckoned that the theory to be bull***t as it has at least served the musician with some entertainment. Recalling another related and most probably fake story that throws the country icon, Willie Nelson, into the mix, Waters began:

“And I do like the story… The cop in Louisiana, following a bus, and it was weaving about the road a bit. And so he pulls it over – young motorcycle cop – puts the bike up on the stand, opens the door, nearly falls over, there’s so much smoke coming out through the bloody door.

“He goes in; he’s trying to find people with dope, because it’s just full of marijuana smoke. Eventually he gets to the back of the bus where there’s a private compartment. He opens the door – and there’s Willie Nelson. And the story is that Willie Nelson is [laughs] listening to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ on the TV. And I don’t believe it for a minute, but I like the story.”