Slash Reveals Aerosmith Icon Lost Huge Amount Of Money


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash revealed that Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was so broke in the late 80’s, he couldn’t afford to pay him $8,000 to buy back his old Les Paul guitar. It’s hard to believe that one of rock’s greatest guitarist had less than $8,000 to spend. Slash had bought the guitar after Guns N’ Roses starting to have success around the release of Appetite for Destruction.

Slash told Rock Cellar Magazine, “When I saw that one that Joe had in various Aerosmith photos, that was the coolest Les Paul. I didn’t know what tobacco sunburst was, but in every picture, it was just a darker-looking Les Paul than what everybody else had. So I knew that guitar very well. And I just thought it was really, really cool. I never imagined in a million years it would suddenly pop up for sale. But Guns was finishing up a tour in Japan — the first-ever trip to Japan — and I got this phone call from the office in L.A., saying somebody’s got a guitar they want to sell and thought I might be interested.

He said, it used to belong to Eric Roberts and Joe Perry and Dwayne Allman. And I was like, ‘Oh. You know what? Send pictures, because I know that guitar and all the nicks on the front.’ Because it’s a real recognizable guitar. And when I got home from the tour, I got to my apartment, I got the mail, and there was this envelope stuffed with paper and photos. Polaroids. And I opened it up and was like, “Fuck. That’s the guitar.”

At some point somewhere, I’d heard the story form Joe. Something having to do with a bad financial situation, and how that guitar got hocked. But whoever had the guitar didn’t really realize the value of it, because they sold it to me for $8,000. So this guitar gets Fedex’ed to my apartment, and I was living at a real cheap fucking apartment. And I opened it up, and there’s my coveted fucking Les Paul, that Joe used to have, and that I remember from all these posters and photographs from when I was a kid. So that was really my first good Les Paul.

And I actually gave it back to Joe finally back in 2002 or something. I offered it back to him when I first got it, for what I paid for it. But at that time, he didn’t have the money. Aerosmith had just gotten back together. So I had it, and I used it for various things.”