Rush Guitarist Humiliated By Led Zeppelin Icon


It is almost humbling in a way to know that certain celebrities get star-struck. Such is the case with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson as he was asked if he was ever put in such a situation during a recent interview with Lifeson would proclaim that while the sensation of being star-struck has occurred many times, one that particularly stood out like a sore thumb was meeting Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant, who was recently spotted with these two women. Credit to the outlet for the following comments.

“There were many times. But one that stands out for me was in 1998. Geddy was on a trip to Morocco and he met Robert Plant, as they were staying in the same hotel. But it wasn’t until the last day that they acknowledged each other; they’d sorta pass each other in the hall and kinda smile and nod their heads. On that last day, Geddy said to his wife, “I’ve gotta go over and just thank him for what a great inspiration he was for me growing up as a musician”. He went over to his table, you know we’re always uncomfortable to do something like that, and he said, “Excuse me, Robert, I just wanted to say…”, and he said, “Oh, Geddy! Do sit down, let’s have a glass of wine! Finally, I was waiting for you to come round!”

Continuing the guitarist stated: “The following day when they saw each other, Robert said, “We’re going to be in Toronto later this summer, bring Alex down to the show, it would be great to see you”. So we went down. We went up to the elevator, up to the dressing-room floor, and we were chatting with Robert. He’s such a wonderful person. During the conversation he says, “Hang on, I’m just gonna go get Jimmy to come in and say hi,” and I was like [gasping, shaking, and stuttering] “… Jimmy Page? You mean Jimmy Page?” I couldn’t believe it! He came into the room – I was so nervous! But he was so gracious and so nice. This is when I discovered it’s always a bigger deal in your mind than it is when you meet somebody.”