Dave Grohl Looks Like ‘Weirdo’ At Market In New Photo


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has uploaded a new photo of himself looking like a ‘weirdo’ at the market after buying 180 pounds of meat.

Grohl wrote on Instagram, “Went to the store for milk and eggs…walked out with 180 pounds of meat. Such a weirdo. #backbeatbbq.”

Grohl also recently posted on Instagram, “Hanging with my man Billy Durney from Hometown BBQ in Brooklyn. Not only is he the master of smoke, he’s also the nicest man on the planet!”

“Thank you Elliott Moss and Buxton Hall Barbeque for capping off an amazing weekend of good friends, good music, and good food in Asheville, NC. That’s what it’s all about right? Snow days were never this fun as a kid…”

“@langbbqsmokers is holding steady and burning CLEAN today! Brisket, butts, baby backs and some spare ribs….and I thought making records was fun…
soundtrack by Royal Crescent Mob, ‘Going to the Hospital’

“When you’re up all night working on new tricks, nothing like a BACKBEAT hoodie to keep you warm… #backbeatbbq.”

“Best way to warm up for drumming this weekend at Warren Haynes Christmas Jam….can’t wait to ‘PLAY’!

You can view Dave Grohl’s new market photo and other pictures from his Backbeat BBQ Instagram page below.

  • Be more weird to see a pic of Dave standing at a veggie salad bar.

  • Pigford

    I grew up in the same area of Northern Va as Dave & I’m about 2 years younger than him,he lived in Springfield & I lived in Alexandria which are right next to each other ….seeing how he skipped/dropped out of school as did I we never crossed paths (to my knowledge) I wasn’t really into punk back then though ,I hung out with the “Jean Jackets”…..also I went on to be a butcher for 20 years,that being said it would’ve been so cool to have Dave come into where I (used to) work(ed) just to talk about growing up in that area in the same era we both did…small world sometimes