Rush Singer Geddy Lee Caught With Young Female Singer


Rush frontman and bassist Geddy Lee reached out to The Distillers frontlady, Brody Dalle, on her New Year’s Day Birthday. Josh Homme breaks silence on wife after divorce rumor.

“Happy Birthday Brody from the Great White North!!” Geddy commented. Rush member sad ‘dementia’ claim revealed.

Brody Dalle is in the process of getting a divorce from her husband, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

Alternative Nation transcribed a few comments Homme made about his wife a few months ago, the first of which when he was discussing not listening to critics online.

“My wife has been one of my biggest inspirations ever. That thing that I really learned from her is, when you blame someone, it’s like saying you’re guilty, before you even have a chance to talk and say your perspective. Nobody like that, nobody wants to start by being blamed for something, it makes you shut off immediately. Now you have these disengaged people blaming each other, and being mean to each other. Josh Homme revealed he is done with long tours recently.

In a guest editorial for Alternative Nation, freelance writer Doug McCausland called Queens of the Stone Age’s 2013 album, Like Clockwork, the top rock album of the 2010’s. He also defended Josh Homme’s controversial statement of “Fuck Imagine Dragons!”: “Josh Homme (the man behind the best rock album of the decade and, uh, face kicker) said he was ‘drunk and misunderstood‘ when he said ‘Fuck Imagine Dragons’. I am sober and of clear mind right now, and let me be perfectly clear: Fuck Imagine Dragons.”

One Imagine Dragons fan was extremely rankled by that statement:

“LOL. I’m not even a big Imagine Dragons fan (or pop music fan at all) but… this dude thinks that Queens of the Stone Age are “the best rock band of…”

LOL. what the fuck? That alone is enough to laugh at. Clearly someone with such shitty taste in music shouldn’t be writing editorials on a music site. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Seriously dude? Queens of the Stone Age? That band sucks worse than Nickleback. They’re like if Nickleback had a baby with Creed and the baby had down syndrome.

Wow. Not to mention the author looks like a teenage sexual predator in his pic.”

Josh Homme and Doug McCausland have yet to respond to such outrageous accusations.