Rush Singer Makes Tragic The Who Revelation


Rush singer Geddy Lee revealed that late bass guitarist for The Who John Entwistle was a massive collector of electric basses and of guitars, even though he didn’t play the latter.  This Rush member recently reveals who forced bandmate to quit. He made the remarks in an NPR interview, as transcribed by Alternative Nation. This Rush singer recently revealed a disturbing Metallica secret

Interviewer: We are talking to Geddy Lee about his new beautiful book of bass. In time for another great bassist – this one being John Enwistle of The Who. This guy was just the epitome of cool.

Geddy Lee: Yeah, he was. “The Ox” as they call him was the man. Enwistle was one of the first real collector of basses too, a fanatical collector of electric basses and of guitars even though he didn’t play guitar he collected them and they hung on his walls. Yet, he was a collector and he was a, what’s the word, pioneer, he created a whole different style of rock and roll bass playing. Enwhistle introduced a tone to the palate of rock and roll for the bass that didn’t exist before – very bright, very aggressive, and he was always playing. The first time I heard “My Generation” along with every other bass player in my era, I mean incredible. A Rush icon just called out this awful Jimmy Page ripoff not too long ago.

Fans took to Rush’s official Facebook page to give their thoughts on Geddy Lee’s new book, which can be bought here.

Peggy said: “I was hoping to get to the book signing but my son Mikey passed and I missed it. But we didn’t miss seeing Rush a few times together! My Mikey was an amazing drummer and also played piano beautifully. He loved RUSH as much as I and played YYZ perfectly on the drums. I miss him terribly everyday…💔”

Dawnie wrote: ” I got it last month for a friend for a Christmas present this year, after seeing it talked about(15 min 😜👍🏽) at the RUSH Big screen showing a month or 2 back, But now I think I’ll keep it for myself. & No I haven’t unwrapped it yet. 😉