Sammy Hagar Open To Playing With Alex Van Halen


Sammy Hagar said he’d be open to hypothetically jam with Alex Van Halen, but it isn’t his place to say it would ever happen. He also shot down the idea of the surviving Van Halen members touring under the name after the death of Eddie Van Halen.

Hagar told ABC News Radio, “[T]here’s no talk of reunion or a tribute with me, that’s for damn sure. When [Wolfie and Alex] want to do something, when they think it’s time, if they get together and said, ‘Hey, would you come out and sing some songs?,’ you’re damn [right] I would…But [for me] to talk about that, hell no.”

Wolfgang Van Halen will release his first solo single “Distance” on Monday, and he will also be interviewed on The Howard Stern Show. Eddie Van Halen was interviewed on The Howard Stern Show multiple times, last calling in to announce Wolfgang had replaced Michael Anthony on bass in 2006. David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar have made numerous appearances on the Stern Show.

Little Dreamer posted on, “I think WVH going on Stern a month after his dad passed will only be met with admiration for his courage and intestinal fortitude, especially because it will be his first mainstream interview ever.

Now if they release “In The Midnight Hour,” well 2020 will suck a little less. That would be AMAZING!”

Don’t Disturb My Paradise added, “He’s mighty brave doing this so soon, but I dip my hat to him. I can’t wait to hear what he says and to hear the new song.”