Sammy Hagar Reveals Dark Truth About Tool


Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Sammy Hagar recently announced the release of his second studio album, Crazy Times, with his Billboard chart-topping supergroup, The Circle. It has been noted that Crazy Times, featuring Hagar, fellow Hall of Famer and longtime bassist Michael Anthony, Grammy-winning drummer Jason Bonham and Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso Vic Johnson.

They changed course, traveling to Nashville to record the album with 8-time Grammy Award winning producer Dave Cobb at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A. With the album due out Friday, September 23 via UMe, the band has released the first single, the single song “Crazy Times.”

Sammy Hagar reveals the darker side

Hagar recently spoke about the pandemic, the time when everything was massively disrupted including the music scene. He revealed how he struggled to write lyrics during the lockdown. He talked about the ‘negative stuff.’

He said that[via Udiscovermusic] “I wrote a lot of lyrics” during the lockdown. He spoke of the background to the song “Crazy Times”. “I couldn’t write songs during that time, but I felt a lot of things. I was writing poetry and I just went through all my notes and I found a lot of negative dark stuff, you know? And that’s not Sammy Hagar. I mean, that’s, that’s the last thing I am, you know? I’m usually Mr. Sunshine. So I didn’t mind, you know. Among my favourite bands in the world are Tool and pink Floyd and I love these dark bands, you know? That sort of thing’s not usually what I am and “Crazy Times”…well, it’s it’s not ‘dark, dark’, but it is definitely darker than most of what I do.”

Crazy Times includes the following tracks:

“Intro: The Beginning Of The End”
“Slow Drain”
“Feed Your Head”
“Pump It Up”
“Be Still”
“You Get What You Pay For”
“Crazy Times!
“Funky Feng Shui”
“Father Time”
“Childhoods End”