Scott Stapp Clowned By Son Over Creed Song


In an unexpected twist of familial banter, Jagger, the son of Creed’s frontman Scott Stapp, has taken a playful jab at his dad’s band in the form of “With Arms Wide Open.” Talk about keeping it all in the family!

Imagine having the rare opportunity to clown on your dad’s rock legacy to his face. It’s a classic case of like father, like son, but with a twist of irony.

If you’re wondering why Jagger would mock the very song inspired by his conception, well, who can resist poking a little fun at the saccharine single from Creed’s 1999 album, Human Clay? Not even Jagger, it seems. But fear not, Scott Stapp isn’t losing sleep over it – he’s proud that his band has become a meme sensation.

Now, brace yourselves for Creed’s latest resurrection! The group is gearing up for the “Summer of ’99” concert cruise, and rumor has it they’re planning a full-blown Creed reunion tour. Who would’ve thought we’d be witnessing a Creed comeback in the 21st century?

In case you missed it, there are some wild claims circulating about Creed’s music being the secret sauce behind the Texas Rangers’ 2023 World Series victory. And guess who chose Creed for their final performance to clinch victory on The Voice? Yup, it’s official – Creed is back in the cultural zeitgeist, and they’re leaving their mark everywhere.

But let’s not forget the hilarious twist in the Stapp family saga. Jagger, now 25 and the eldest son of Scott Stapp and ex-wife Hillaree, isn’t shy about poking fun at his dad’s musical endeavors. Last year, Scott spilled the beans on a podcast about Jagger’s antics, sharing a story of catching his son mimicking “With Arms Wide Open.”

In a candid moment on This Past Weekend in October 2022, Scott declared his pride in being a meme: “How many people get to be a meme?” he quipped. Apparently, not even his own son is exempt from the playful teasing, as Jagger and his cousin couldn’t resist a giggle-fest in the backseat, impersonating the iconic tune.

“I was like, what are you guys laughing at?” Scott recounted. “Then I hear [imitating the kids] ‘With arms wide opennnnnn…’ and then my nephew just busts out laughing.” The irony reaches peak levels when Scott’s own son, the inspiration behind the song, joins in on the laughter. “And then my own son, who I wrote the song about, is making fun of me mimicking my voice. And I was like ‘whaat?’ And this was before everyone else was doing it… because in the last 10 years, it’s become a thing.”

In the world of Creed, where memes and mockery coexist, one thing’s for sure – they’re back, and they’re taking it all in stride.