Scott Weiland’s Son Reveals How Broke Dad Was


Noah Weiland doesn’t like to talk anything against his father. It makes him feel bad that his father’s split with his mother is used as a reason for his upbringing. Noah has had his own share of struggles, but despite all that, he doesn’t want to get any money from his father’s estate. He talked about his father’s situation during a recent interview with a leading magazine and opened up about the situation.

1057 The Point reports that Noah spoke with Rolling Stone and shared his thoughts on his father’s addiction, the financial debt and what happened after he passed away. Noah said, “I’m not a trust fund baby or anything like that. I always get annoyed when people say that type of stuff. My dad was millions in debt when he died. My mom has always worked a normal job. And truthfully, even if my dad’s estate ever does get out of debt, I don’t even want that money. I want to make a career out of myself as much as possible.”

Noah was a part of the band Suspect208 which had him, and London Hudson and Tye Trujillo, the sons of Guns N’ Roses‘ Slash and Metallica‘s Robert Trujillo, respectively. Noah was let go from the group due to his drug addiction. While Noah denies it and says that he was only using opioids, and got into addiction after he was let go from the group. It’s a good sign that he has left that path and is now making music under his own name.

He describes the music as “gritty alternative pop”, unlike his father. Noah also affirms that his own addiction helped him understand his father’s situation. He says that his father’s situation was too deep. Noah believes that his father had many demons and they caught up to him. This realization has helped him forgive his father after all that transpired in his life.

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