Scott Stapp Reveals If He’d Front Nirvana


Alternative Nation recently interviewed former Creed frontman Scott Stapp. The full interview will be published soon, but in the mean time we give you this excerpt.

During the interview, I jokingly suggested Stapp try out for Nirvana, especially with the band performing with guest singers like J. Mascis, Lorde, and Beck in the last few years. Stapp responded by taking a breath, and saying: “Kurt Cobain is irreplaceable. He is, quite simply, irreplaceable.”

He also discussed replacing Scott Weiland in Art of Anarchy. The band’s new album, The Madness, is out now.

“I can’t remember the exact date,” Stapp explained to me over the phone on an early April morning. “[Weiland] had parted ways with the band a long time before he passed away. It’s coming up on two years.”

Having just recently emerged from his own dark place, Stapp hadn’t heard of the band or its drama in the media.

“I didn’t really think about [joining] until I learned who the members were. That’s what really sparked my interest in the band and got me to the point where I wanted to get together with the guys.”

While supergroups are not what they were in the late 2000’s golden age of Velvet Revolver and Audioslave, the commercial appeal of joining with members of Guns ‘N Roses and Disturbed is undeniable.

However, on a spiritual level, Stapp considers Art of Anarchy to be a reaffirmation of his attempt at starting anew which began on his 2013 solo record.

“I believe the fresh start for me started with my Proof of Life album. I have to say, certain things have crept back into my life since then,” he admitted. “However, this is another fresh start for me. It’s been real positive and a good time so far.”