Scott Weiland Ashes Finally Revealed In Heartbreaking Photo


Late Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland’s widow Jamie revealed in a new Instagram post that some of Scott’s ashes are in a tattoo on her back. You can view a photo of the tattoo that contains his ashes in the Instagram album below. This is the first time the whereabouts of Weiland’s ashes have been known since his December 2015 death, as there hasn’t been any report of a public grave.

“With 41 approaching in the next hours (I mean 28!), I cannot help but reflect on the birthday gifts I got from my husband in the heartbreakingly short time we were together. A pit bull puppy, #beatricemweiland – when i specifically asked for a black kitten (which she is most definitely still not – but god, I love her)…a Triumph Bonneville – yes, my dream bike but I don’t know how to ride nor do I have a motorcycle license – and his getting a giant fish tattoo on his arm, for his Pisces wife, who was also obsessed with the koi pond we had in our beautiful dream house in Laurel Canyon.

A #tattoo I had replicated to size, by the same amazing @roccoftw who did that beautiful work, on my back, with some of my beloved husbands ashes in the ink…hence the vows, for better or for worse, he is always with me.

I don’t know if I laugh or cry about what he would give me for my birthday, tomorrow…both, I suppose.

I just know I miss him terribly and it’s so wrong that he isn’t here. The last photo is him, on my birthday, in 2013. #memories #love and – trying really hard to #beherenow.”