Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals ‘Intimate’ Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons is looking “bad” yet still so very good. The budding songstress took to social media via Instagram to reveal her latest outfit choice, which she called ‘intimate.’ She later removed the photo (wonder why?), but posted another one to make up for it. This candid backside photo of Gene Simmons’ daughter just leaked. Here, the KISS daughter is showing off her naughty side in this tight, creme colored sweater with her long, lengthy legs on full display as she completes the outfit with short shorts and long, leather boots. The daughter of Gene Simmons revealed if this famous man is big. You can view the photo below.

In other news revolving KISS, fans of the “Hottest band in the land” took to social media via Facebook to discuss the group’s nineteenth studio album, Sonic Boom, their favorite track off the album and its impact. The album was released back on October 6th, 2009.

Chris posted: “Love the album and the marketing push they put behind it with the Walmart exclusive and the heavy amount of merchandise put out at the time. The day of release got this and every single merch released. I remember Walmart having major promotion sections with all the merch. I ended up going to several Walmarts that day to ensure I got all of it. Also the heavy amount of TV promotion they did on late shows etc. Like Monster don’t get me wrong, but pales massively in comparison to SB.”

Julio replied: “I liked the entire album aside from the fact it’s the bands first studio album to feature Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer co-writing & performing on all tracks, but if I had to choose a favorite from this particular album, for me it would have to be Paul Stanley’s mischievous, “Danger Us!!” I love that song!!!”

Matthew stated: “Unpopular opinion, but this is my absolute favorite KISS album. My dad got it for me when it came out when I was 9 along with the “KISS Klassics” re-recordings album, and they solidified me as a KISS fan. I later checked out Alive 1 & 2, then I forgot about the band for a while but in 2016 I rediscovered them and they became my favorite band of all time. And when I listened to their whole discography and got to this album, I still remembered the words to every song. Not a single bad track. “Stand” might be my favorite but they’re all honorable mentions.

So y’all NEED TO PUT THIS ALBUM ON STREAMING SERVICES. 👏 It’s the only one that isn’t for some reason.” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently showed off her abs in this shirt.