Scott Weiland Discussed What He Wanted On His Tombstone


Photo: Jamie Weiland

Mick Wall recently published his complete 2011 interview with Scott Weiland. He released part of the interview in 2011 in an article with Classic Rock Magazine, but the complete interview has some interesting quotes, including Scott Weiland revealing what he wanted written on his tombstone when he died. Wall asked Weiland, “What should we write on your tombstone when that day comes? Here lies Scott Weiland…”

Weiland said, “…He loved his family. He loved his children, he loved his friends. And never ceased to pick himself up off the ground.”

Weiland also said he had believed in God his entire life. Mary Weiland said in her letter to Rolling Stone that Scott had become an atheist in his final years.

“Oh, always. When I was a kid I went to church every Sunday. My brothers and I would be watching cartoons and my dad would be, ‘All right, Mark, Scoot, Michael. Get dressed.’ I’d kind of be like argh. [But] I look back on it fondly and when I go to church, and I don’t go regularly, but it brings like a sense of get back in touch with what you believe in. And what I believe in. And I think that I was very lucky with the church that I went, a Catholic church, it was very sort of progressive and wasn’t all that dogma based. And my mother and father also were brought up with believing in God and Jesus, but I think that’s a personal thing too. In my personal opinion, isn’t something that you try to push on others, that spiritual connection that you have.”