Pearl Jam Tease New Song “Obey The Law Of The Heart”


Pearl Jam are contributing a new song to the ‘Basmati Blues’ soundtrack titled “Obey The Law Of The Heart.” PearlJamOnline are reporting that the song was written by Stone Gossard, and performed by Pearl Jam and Sain Zahoor with Priya Darshini. It was produced by Stone Gossard, Steven Argila, and Wayne Sharpe.

This is Pearl Jam’s first new song since 2013’s Lightning Bolt. ‘Basmati Blues’ is an upcoming independent musical romantic comedy film directed by Dan Baron, which is his directorial debut. The film stars Academy Award winner Brie Larson, Scott Bakula, and Donald Sutherland.

Pearl Jam posted a clapping emoji in response to a Washington Post story about Danica Roem becoming one of the first openly transgender elected officials in the United States. Below is an excerpt from the story:

Virginia’s most socially conservative state lawmaker was ousted from office Tuesday by Danica Roem, a Democrat who will be one of the nation’s first openly transgender elected officials and who embodies much of what Del. Robert G. Marshall fought against in Richmond.

The race focused on traffic and other local issues in suburban Prince William County but also exposed the nation’s fault lines over gender identity. It pitted a 33-year-old former journalist who began her physical gender transition four years ago against a 13-term incumbent who called himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” and earlier this year introduced a “bathroom bill” that died in committee.

“Discrimination is a disqualifier,” a jubilant Roem said Tuesday night as her margin of victory became clear. “This is about the people of the 13th District disregarding fear tactics, disregarding phobias . . . where we celebrate you because of who you are, not despite it.”

Marshall, 73, who refused to debate Roem and referred to her with male pronouns, declined an interview request but posted a concession message on Facebook.

“For 26 years I’ve been proud to fight for you, and fight for our future,” he said. “I’m committed to continue the fight for you, but in a different role going forward.”