Scott Weiland Had Drug ‘Psychosis’ That Involved Aliens


Late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland’s former solo band guitarist Doug Grean gave his first interview since Weiland’s December 2015 death on the affiliated podcast Appetite for Distortion, hosted by Brando. reporter and freelance writer Doug McCausland co-hosted the episode. Grean worked with Weiland for 15 years, including recording Happy in Galoshes and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Their working relationship ended a few years before Weiland’s death.

Grean has a new web series called ‘Starman’, loosely based off his experiences working with Weiland, with the character being a drug addicted British rocker in his 60’s who believes aliens are after him. Grean revealed in the interview that Scott Weiland had a drug ‘psychosis’ that made him believe at times that aliens were after him. He also discussed the dangers of prescription drug abuse, a problem that tragically plagued Weiland.

“The reason I put the SciFi in there is because Scott used to get to the point pretty much every day where the chemicals in his bloodstream would trigger some kind of psychosis, every fucking day. None of them were illegal, they were legal drugs, but they were prescription drugs, and he would take too many of them. At about 9PM almost every day, he would start to experience some signs of psychosis. This went on for like 15 years, it went on until the day he died. I know all the drugs that he was taking, but I don’t want to mention them because I don’t want to get murdered by the pharmaceutical companies.

So over the years he had a lot of different psychosis, he would get one and it would last for a year, then he would move onto another. At one point when we were making the Velvet Revolver he thought that the aliens were following him. That’s why they have that song on the record ‘Loving The Alien’. Around that time, his psychosis was aliens. This is the really interesting point, we didn’t know what to do, because it’s not necessarily illegal for a guy to abuse his medications until he acts psycho, that’s not necessarily illegal in America. So, we had to just sit there and let him do it.

You can’t throw them in rehab against their will, you can’t do that in America, you can’t cut off their supply of drugs, you can’t do that in America. We have a prescription medication epidemic in this country right now of epic proportions. This is one story in a big ocean of other stories about prescription medication abuse that ended with people dying.”

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  • Raj

    That’s some pretty messed up stuff if Weiland was believing he was being followed by aliens. He was that far gone.

    • Kay B

      I could be wrong but having bi-polar disorder and mixing that with drugs doesn’t help. I have the disorder and believe it or not out of all things benadryl messes me up bad. I had it in ER once and I pulled out my IVs and thought the staff were after me. I was literally climbing the walls looking for an escape route. I’m not comparing benadryl to heavy drugs. I’m just saying having the disorder can make you think strange things when it’s bad.

      • Calliope Anne

        I’m almost positive that his bipolar disorder contributed a lot to his psychosis. May he Rest In Peace.

  • Calliope Anne

    According to a story, he was so paranoid that he used to drape wet toilet paper over the tour bus’ tv screen during that last year because he thought people were watching him through it. Yet he was trotted out on stage almost every night, sick as he was, during that year. Mary spoke a lot of truths in her RS piece. Those who enabled him – or worse, indulged with him – should experience themselves the pain that he must have been in.

    • HippieChic61

      It breaks my heart that he and Mary werent together. She understood him and what he was going through. Jamie was oblivious to it all!

  • David McGuire

    What a brutal 1st 10 mins of nonsense.. aimless rambling. I just turned it off…

  • sharkguitar

    How do people know that Aliens weren’t following Weiland? They might have been STP fans and were too shy to ask for an autograph.

    • Kay B

      I asked him to marry me with a poster I made at a concert in ’96 or somewhere around there. What can I say I was young and high at the time. So you could be right.

  • Trovoid

    You can blame the prescription drug abuse but when depression or bipolar gets really bad psychotic thoughts tend to come out. Anyone who hasn’t experienced psychosis has no idea how scary it truly is and how real the delusions and fears actually feel. They make you want to self-medicate and that can only worsen the symptoms. If Scott was cut off from those legal drugs he would’ve probably went back to the streets to get high. He was sick and he’s at peace now.

    • mikesmaddie

      Hey you. :).

      Remember me?

      • Trovoid

        Oh my god as soon as I hovered over your avatar I got so excited. I never got to say bye to you after you left. By the time I saw how everything unfolded you were gone. But I knew you’d be back! You made a healthy decision by taking a break. I was just thinking about you the other day. So, so nice to hear from you, how has everything been going??

        • mikesmaddie


          I am very sorry that when I took off last time that I didn’t say goodbye. That was wrong of me. And I do regret that.

          But thank you for your kind words, as they are most appreciated. :).

          I am doing fine. And things are going okay.

          And for you?

          • Trovoid

            That’s ok, you did nothing wrong. If your mental health revolved around taking a break then that is most important first and foremost. I completely understand and I knew I’d speak to you again.

            I’m alright at the moment. Stressed but I’m distracting myself. I’m glad things are going okay.

          • mikesmaddie

            Thank you for both your kindness and understanding, as both are most appreciated. :).

            I’m glad to hear that you are all doing all right.

            Though, I’m sorry to hear that you are dealing with stress.

  • Kitty Meow

    This is really sad. Sounds like nobody actually cared.

  • lima85

    I miss the guy, he was a true artist and one of the most iconic rock voices ever.

    • mikesmaddie

      A couple of days ago, a film came on the TCM channel.

      It had Richard Burton in it.

      And I thought of you. :).