Nirvana First 2023 Reunion Video Revealed


Nirvana’s surviving members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear reunited last night in Los Angeles accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award for The Recording Academy’s Special Merit Awards.

Krist Novoselic said younger kids are becoming Nirvana fans, quoting the line “Teenage angst has paid off,” and stating “Well, and so it has.”

Howard Stern in 2020 revealed bold remarks Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl made about teen sensation Billie Eilish. Howard said Gary Clark Jr. got bleeped. He said he loves that guy. He played that one and it was the song he does that has a bad word in it. Howard said they use it on TV all the time so he’s not sure why they cut it out. Howard played the Allison Morris clip where she sounded like she was using the that bad word.

Howard said how about everyone gets one pass on the bad word and then you’re gone. Gary said Gary Clark’s manager said that being on the show was part of the reason they got the Grammy nomination and thanked them for it.

Howard played a clip of Billie Eilish going up on stage and just saying ”Thank you” and running off. Robin said she was up there so much she ran out of things to say. Howard said Jon Hein had some stats on her. Jon said that Christopher Cross had the same awards that she won 30 years ago. Robin said they’re saying they hope that what happened to him doesn’t happen to her. Robin said he just disappeared after that.

Howard said he likes her music. He said he listens to her all the time. Robin said Dave Grohl said she’s the only one doing anything interesting now. Robin said she is the youngest person with either song or album of the year. Robin said she succeeded Taylor Swift. Robin said Finneas won for producer of the year and that’s also the youngest person to win that award. Rage Against The Machine recently unloaded on a Dave Grohl snub.