Scott Weiland May Have Unreleased Music


Back in June, Lavish Studios posted a photo on Instagram of the late Scott Weiland in the studio writing a new song. The caption for the photo read: ‘Scott in the studio writing. #newsong #inspiration.’ This was about 3 months following Blaster‘s March 2015 release, and after the death of Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown.

Weiland never did get to fully start recording his next album, like he had planned to do next year, and it is not known how far Weiland got when it came to working on new material, but at the very least there appear to be unreleased lyrics.

Just a couple of months ago, Weiland and the Wildabouts released “Back to the City,” a track recorded following the band finishing Blaster in October 2014, but before Jeremy Brown’s death.

The song is features guitar sounds that are reminiscent of Velvet Revolver and Queens of the Stone Age. ‘Can’t you stay/here with me/you’re the woman that makes me feel free/I want you/you want me/don’t break my heart if you want me to be.’ He sings in the infectious chorus: ‘Movin on/goin’ back to the city.’ He also sings, ‘On my way back to you/always do what you want me to do/looking round/close to you/your beating heart is the one that is true.’ The lyrics are very romantic, much like much of Blaster, with Weiland’s wife Jamie serving as his muse.

Scott in the studio writing. #newsong #inspiration

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