KISS Icon Claims Gene Simmons Is Lying About Retirement


Legendary KISS member Ace Frehley revealed to rock and metal journalist Eddie Trunk how he is quite dubious to the fact that this is indeed KISS’ ‘final tour’. He cited his experience from being in the band and being apart of a prior KISS ‘farewell tour’ as reasoning for himself to doubt these claims. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments of Frehley and Trunk. KISS’ Ace Frehley recently called out ‘sick’ Paul Stanley.

Eddie Trunk: They’ve been out and they’ve set a date. They’ve set a date, you know that, for what they say will be the last ever KISS show in 2021.

Ace Frehley: Don’t ever believe the last day. When I left the group and they said the radio and tour and that was the farewell tour, that was supposed to be ‘the end’ – every time it’s supposed to be ‘the last tour’. Who even knows when it’s gonna end. It’s gonna end when they have gray hair coming down to their knees with a beard like ZZ Top.

This KISS member revealed if Gene Simmons uses drugs. In other KISS related news, fans took to social media to reflect on the group’s latest studio album – Monster.

One fan said: “Whether it’s their best, worst or in-between I could care less…I enjoy it! It’s great to hear the current line up putting out some new songs. At this point people either love KISS or hate them…or maybe they like this era or that album…so it’s pointless to argue over who is right and who is wrong. The bottom line is that KISS has produced a full-throttle and unapologetic album, and I hate to use a cliche but, that’s all killer and no filler. Tommy Thayer really steps up with simple, direct yet catchy solos that embody the classic KISS/Ace [Frehley] sound while still being all his own. Both he and Eric Singer are assets to the band.”

The fan continued: “The band sounds great, the only complaints I can voice are that the overall sound quality, while clean, is too loud. (And no, I’m not too old…don’t think so anyway…) Everything sounds overmodulated, which seems to be the norm these days. The cover art is a cool photo, especially the 3D version at Best Buy (which also gets you some free swag from kissonline,) but it’s a major step down from Sonic Boom’s excellent, retro-cool artwork. I think Sonic Boom is the superior album between the two, but this one is getting plenty of airtime in and around my home!” Gene Simmons’ daughter was filmed dancing for a famous singer.