Pearl Jam Rumored To Play 4th of July Football Stadium Show


Dan Shuftan, who works in the sports marketing field, has tweeted a big new Pearl Jam rumor: ‘A little birdie told me Pearl Jam is playing Soldier Field over July 4th.’ Soldier Field is located in Chicago, and is the home of the Chicago Bears. The stadium holds more than 60,000 people, much more than Wrigley Field, where the band played in summer 2013.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is also celebrating a big birthday today, he is 51 years old! Happy birthday Ed!


Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis and the band’s bassist Jeff Ament held a live Twitter chat on December 11th and revealed that Pearl Jam will be announcing 2016 tour dates early next year, as we had previously reported. Curtis said, “We will announce tour dates first part of the year.” When a fan asked if the band could play in Canada next year, he responded: “Of course.” He also hinted at a show in Tampa bay next year, and said he’d love to see a No Code and Yield box set, but there aren’t any plans for it yet.

Curtis also told Alternative Nation reporter Jeff Gorra that there are plans to celebrate Pearl Jam’s 25th anniversary next year. Pearl Jam are also ‘always in and out of the studio and constantly writing’ new material, according to Curtis, but Jeff Ament said the band hadn’t recorded any new songs yet.

When asked about Pearl Jam possibly playing the Super Bowl in the future, Curtis’ answer was vague. “Ask me in 10 years OR if the Superbowl is ever in Seattle.” Jeff Ament said, “Never say never, but….”

Jeff Ament also participated in the chat, saying it would be a dream come true to play Finland. He also mentioned other places he would like to play live, “Lets get the map out….there’s a bunch… Havre, MT Bluffton, MN Hania, Crete Western Somoa Mumbai JA.” He also discussed playing live in 1992, “We played 45 minute sets back then….oh how fondly I remember those 45 minute sets :)”

A fan also asked if Pearl Jam would write a song called “Trumpleaguer.” Ament responded, “Born on home plate, thinks he got a triple.” He also said he found the candidates for the 2016 election ‘depressing.’

Ament also said there are no plans to release the studio version of “Of the Earth.” He said when it comes to modern bands, he is a fan of Cage The Elephant and Royal Blood. He also called Chris Cornell ‘one of the all time greats.’