Scott Weiland Owed $1 Million To Big Name When He Died


Late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland owed nearly $1 million to the IRS at the time of his December 2015 death, The Blast reports.

“One week before the tax deadline, the IRS filed a huge tax lien against the rockstar, who died in 2015. According to the documents, obtained by The Blast, Weiland did not pay his federal income tax from 2012 – 2014 and owes $818,569.62.

The lien was filed against the former “Stone Temple Pilot” singer’s estate, and lists his ex-wife, Mary Weiland, as his representative. As we reported, Weiland’s estate was hit with a lien last year by the California State Tax Franchise Board for almost $250,000.

Weiland’s estate has been plagued with debt ever since the rocker died of an accidental overdose while on tour in Minnesota with his band. Since his death, his family has been tasked with getting his memorabilia and possessions appraised to help cover what’s owed.”

The Blast reported over a year ago that Scott Weiland left behind a treasure trove of cool items after his death, including awards, gold records and even sports memorabilia that his family says is worth over half a million bucks.

According to legal documents filed by Weiland’s ex-wife Mary and obtained by The Blast, Weiland was in possession of 20 framed albums and other interesting items:

A six-time platinum core album and a Gold record presented to him in Manila, Philippines that is broken in two pieces.

Six musical awards including two Grammies, two Billboard Music Awards, MTV Movie Award, and an AMA. The awards are all listed at zero dollars, because the sale of them is against the rules of the award associations.

Single Gold The Crow Soundtrack presented to Scott from Atlantic Records

African rawhide drum that belonged to Scott’s late brother Michael

Painting of Scott titled “Superhero,” oil on canvas

The documents also say was in possession of a signed Joe Montana jersey from Notre Dame worth $275.00.

As for his personal items, Mary lists studio equipment worth around $80,000.

The total sum of all items is listed at $559,349.83

There are also many personal items including boxing, snowboard, and paintball gear.