Pearl Jam Rumored Howard Stern Performance Revealed


Pearl Jam will reportedly play an intimate SiriusXM show in the spring for their new album, possibly in New York, with rumors that it will air on either the band’s station or Howard Stern’s, where Guns N’ Roses aired a performance in summer 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction. Pearl Jam’s rumored Los Angeles and New York 2020 shows were just revealed.

Weston1283 said, “Are SiriusXM shows typically smaller venue, more intimate, acoustic style shows (aka Benaroya hall)?”

Bbiggs responded, “Pretty sure they’re smaller venues. I’m curious if it would be an acoustic set as well.”

GotTheBottle wrote, “Springsteen did full band Sirius XM show, but you had to win tickets or be connected to Sirius.”

Ekim997 said, “If they do something like Phish just did, it will be a show in a small venue and the only way to get tickets is to win them via Sirius XM.” Lost In Ohio chimed in, “Keeping in mind that a lot of seats go to SiriusXM personalities and VIPs.

But still, it’s an intimate venue and a fabulous time. I’m not sure of any venues they’d use (if it happens) but I know they’ve used The Apollo (in Harlem) in the past.”

BBiggs posted, “My god…that’s a 1500 person venue. Sounds like very few, if any, of us mere mortals are getting in (if it’s there).”

JM144705 responded, “I wonder since there’s no Philly scheduled show if that’s where the Sirius XM show would be. Phish did their show at The Met in Philly so… maybe?!”

Vedder4Prez chimed in, “I doubt it would be acoustic. It would be how they play a lot of their new album. Similar to Letterman. Dimi confirmed it is not the Ryman. Could be something like Radio City or in Seattle to close the tour.”

A fan asked insider Dimitrispearljam about a possible location for the New York SiriusXM show, and he responded with a GIF of Tina Fey on 30 Rock zipping her lips. This led to fans speculating that he could be hinting that the show will be at the Radio City Music Hall, located at 30 Rock. Pearl Jam’s rumored new album announcement date was recently revealed.