Scott Weiland Paid Huge Money For Destroying Tour Bus


The estate of late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland recently revealed a massive payment it made for Weiland damaging a tour bus in 2013 on his ‘Purple at the Core’ tour with the Wildabouts. Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo recently revealed why the band really fired Weiland in February 2013.

Weiland was sued over damage caused to the leased bus. Yahoo reports that Scott’s ex-wife Mary Weiland, the executor of his estate, says a claim against the estate was filed seeking $150,000 in damages but she settled it for $25,000. A famous band claimed Weiland owed them $20 million at the time of his death.

Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt has told Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon that the band have completed a new album, but it’s not just acoustic like previously rumored. He said there are “no rules on it having to be acoustic or anything, [but] it has a vibe to it, and it’s beautiful. It’s all new songs.”

He said the album will likely come out in 2020 due to the Purple 25th anniversary reissue this fall.

“With the ‘Purple’ thing happening, it’s pushing back the other thing. Cause we were only supposed to do a few songs, and it turned into a full record, ’cause we had so much creativity happening at the time. So we just made a whole record.””