Motley Crue Wife Reveals Terrible Bathroom Photo


Brittany Furlan Lee, the wife of legendary and infamous Motley Crue member Tommy Lee wants nothing to do with your carpeted bathrooms. Do the carpets match the drapes? We aren’t sure it matters as the wife of the Eighties rocker took to social media via Twitter to voice her displeasure over a carpeted toilet seat in what appears to be in either a bed and breakfast or hotel. This isn’t the first time the Lee’s have had their share of complaints with hotels recently, as previously reported Tommy Lee became very annoyed at an unnamed hotel chain that sent him this misaddressed birthday card. You can view the photo of the bizarre, overly carpeted bathroom below. Do you agree with Mrs. Lee’s claim that carpeted bathrooms are way too over the top? Sound off below in the comments. This Motley Crue singer’s ‘Fat’ insult by a rock icon was just revealed.

In other news regarding Tommy Lee and Motley Crue, fans took to social media via the official Facebook of the band to re-live their favorite Motley Crue memories. This time reliving the first-ever Dr. Feelgood tour date shows which were launched thirty years ago this month.

Sie posted: “This tour was great! Warrant opened with a fantastic show prior to their Cherry Pie release. Crue brought it!! So loud, so good. Waited in line for hours in the cold in Indianapolis. Thank you, Crue for great memories!”

Shawn replied: “When’s the next album coming out???… Who gives a shit about what happened 30 years ago it’s time for the Crue to get back in the studio and put their petty differences behind them tear up the no touring contract and write a new album and do another tour.

Xiongjie put: That was a fucking awesome tour haha, the first time I scored a back stage party pass and got to meet them… it funny though, cause I can’t remember much from that party haha 🤘🏼😎 🎸”

Kevin said: “Same Old Situation, and Don’t Go Away Mad, my two favs on that album. I still blast Don’t go away on my Harley all the time, and just laugh when people roll up their windows.” This Motley Crue icon revealed a crazy Vince Neil alcohol photo.