Dave Grohl Terrible Drug Secret Finally Revealed


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is known as a drug free rock and roller, but he told Blender in a past interview when asked if he used heroin that he had bad experiences with marijuana and acid when he was younger. A big name recently discussed a rumor that Grohl dated an A-list actress in the 90’s.

Grohl said, “I haven’t so much as smoked a joint since I was 20, and I’m 34 now. I used to love taking acid. I’m one of the few people I know who has never done coke, speed or heroin. My drug career was over by the time I was 20. It was basically weed and acid. That was fun for a while, but I stopped because it gave me panic attacks. I couldn’t smoke a joint and chill out and watch TV; I’d wind up breaking out in hives and calling 911.”

He also discussed Taylor Hawkins’ early 2000’s drug addiction.

“It was bad, actually. Taylor’s like my brother ; he’s my best friend in the world. To see another one of your best friends go down from taking that shit too far, it makes you want to become a dentist. You want to get as far away from that shit as possible. Now Taylor’s totally sober. He went straight into rehab and hasn’t done anything since.”

Rush recently reacted to rumors that Grohl will be their new drummer. Chris Shiflett told Kerrang in a new interview about Foo Fighters’ longevity, “”I don’t know that it’s any specific one thing, but I think you have to credit a lot of it to Dave and his personality. People love that dude.

“I think he represents something to a lot of people out there. He has that gift that means he can make 80,000 people feel like they’re his best friend. He has that kind of magic, that X-factor thing. I don’t know how you define that or explain that.

On top of that, we’ve consistently put out records every couple of years. There’s never been a point where we’ve taken 10 years off because we all fucking hate each other and have broken up. Or we’ve all gone off and made reggae records, or whatever.

We go out on the road and we play. There’s never been a huge diversion from consistently doing the work. And for people of a certain age when ‘Nevermind’ came out [in 1991], our band triggers an emotion in them. And now they bring their kids to the shows.””