Scott Weiland Planned STP & Velvet Revolver Reunions


Scott Weiland had major plans before he died

Before Scott Weiland died in December 2015, his widow Jamie tells Appetite for Distortion that he planned to reunite with Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.

Scott Weiland wanted STP & Velvet Revolver reunions

Jamie explained that just before Scott died, he was optimistic about reuniting with STP and Velvet Revolver as their lead singer. He believed that although the timing wasn’t right at that moment, he could see it happening in the future. She acknowledged the passionate fan sentiment that STP shouldn’t continue without Scott, but pointed out that the other band members had their own lives to manage, including financial responsibilities like paying for college and mortgages.

She expressed her support for the band members pursuing their own projects and careers, understanding that it was their way of navigating life and providing for their families. Alternative Nation transcribed Jamie’s remarks.

There was a lot of talk about getting it back together, he was optimistic that STP was gonna get back together with him as a singer. He felt that at that time ‘Now it isn’t the time, but I can see that happening.’ I see a lot of ‘There shouldn’t be an STP without Scott.” I understand their passion and fondness for him but I’ve always said that the DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz, it’s their project too and it’s how they are maneuvering life and paying for their kids to go to college and paying for their mortgages, so rock on guys, I’m happy about that.”

She also previously clarified that Weiland did not die from overdose as well.