Gene Simmons ‘Passes Out’ In Horrible Photo With Wife


KISS icon Gene Simmons looked to be having a great Christmas with his lovely wife Shannon and son Nick, but he looked a bit tired, ready to pass out or fall asleep in a new photo. We can all relate to Gene in this photo after a long day of food and gifts!

KISS fans on revealed a few days ago if David Lee Roth opening on the 2020 North American leg of the ‘End of the Road’ tour makes them more inclined to buy tickets. Seanjc posted, “I was planning on calling the venue the day of the show to see what seats are available for $50. While KISS playing a generic set list with a lip syncing Paul isn’t terribly exciting to me, they have been my favorite band since I was twelve and I’d like to experience the KISS spectacle one last time before they really do stop. However it’s not an absolute must-see to me, so if I can’t score a ticket it won’t be a big deal.

That being said, with DLR being added to the bill I’m now really looking forward to the show. Yeah, I know he’s a shadow of what he once was but he’s the (former?) lead singer of one of my other favorite bands and this may be my final chance to see him as well. Even if he sounds bad, I’m sure he’ll still be entertaining as all get out and the band will be top notch.”

Rising Force said, “The addition of DLR makes it more appealing, but no. For what this tour is supposed to be I’d like to see something more special then just another current lineup show. Add in that I’m not buying into this being the end makes me not feel the urgency to pay the inflated price for a run of the mill show.” Gene Simmons just revealed if KISS are too old to be performing.