Seattle Grunge Singer Rejects Nirvana Comparisons


Candlebox’s Kevin Martin recently joined in for an interview with American Songwriter during which he spoke about the band’s sound.

He was asked which band they identified themselves with during the Pacific Northwest movement, the rocker replied:

“We didn’t really identify with Nirvana or Soundgarden, if anyone maybe Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains. But honestly we were in our own lane as a band and that’s where we wanted to stay.”

There were comparisons of bands and their sounds and Martin revealed that as a band they created their own space by saying:

“We thought there must be ways to surpass what bands previous to us had accomplished, but that was just a dream, of course.”

This recent interview where Kevin reminisced about the band’s past came in the wake of the frontman sharing with ‘Paltrocast’ that he was retiring from the band. The rocker shared that his decision has been on the pipeline since the pandemic.

It has been noted that with the 30th anniversary of the band’s debut album ‘Candlebox’ the rocker shared that he is ready to say the ‘bittersweet’ goodbye to his bandmates as well as fans who have supported them all these years.

Martin added that his mind is at peace with his decision and that he will keep himself busy with his family and do lots of fishing.

You can read Kevin Martin’s interview with American Songwriter and watch his interview with ‘Paltrocast’ below.