Seattle Icon Is ‘Happy’ Chris Cornell Is Free: ‘No One Knows What Was Going On’


Heart singer Ann Wilson discussed Chris Cornell’s death and covering “I Am The Highway” in a new YouTube video.

“No one knows what was going on inside of Chris at the time of his death, but he has beautiful family, and children, a mother, who will miss him a lot, like all of us. I’m happy that he is free, and he left us with such amazing music. We got to be around when he was firey and at his best, and really doing it.

We have done the song differently, this one is a lot more acoustic, lots of acoustic guitar strumming. Kind of more of a My Sweet Lord feeling to it. I just love doing the song, and singing a Chris Cornell song is a challenge, because he was no slouch. That’s a challenge for me as another singer to attempt one of his songs, I could never do what he did. So those of you who loved Chris Cornell, there’s a song by him coming your way on the Immortals album that I’m working on now.”

She said a few nights ago at a press conference, “There has kind of been an exodus lately, with Chris, Tom Petty, and Leonard Cohen, and who else? Just tons of people have decided at this moment to jump. Chris was my friend, and he was at the very heart of the Seattle music scene, and I miss him, but I realize he went as far as he could in this world with his soul. He couldn’t go any farther.”