Shania Twain Humiliates Willie Nelson At Grammys?


Perhaps one of the most odd observations of the entire Grammy Awards just came from Twitter. Of course, Twitter is never really the best place to have the pulse pumping, but this Tweet was just wild to see.

A commentor on Twitter asked if Willie Nelson was now “non-binary” because Shania Twain referred to Willie as “they”. It doesn’t stop there. Not only did the commentor akin this to Willie Nelson’s identity, but some even asked the same question.

People pointed out that no, Shania was not referring to Willie Nelson – but rather, referring to her backing band.

The original post asked the question: “So is Willie Nelson non-binary??? Why did Shania Twain just refer to him as they🤔#Grammys2023”

Which led to the correction coming into the comment section to ensure that everyone was getting their heads back on track.

The corrector said: “She was saying they/their as in his band/whoever else would be up on stage accepting the award.”

The Grammy Awards were a night filled with lots of highs and many lows for Ben Affleck. Sadly, it looks like he and Jennifer Lopez are fighting and for a very deep reason. Some reports are saying that Jennifer and Ben are on the outs due to a drinking problem that he has had for some time.

The pair have been fighting since a few weeks ago and now, it has boiled over into the Grammy Awards as he just seemed very out of it while sitting next to his wife during the show.