Taylor Swift Shows Backside In Bad Bunny Photos


Taylor Swift met Bad Bunny at the Grammys and showed her backside in photos. Bad Bunny may be on top of the world, but CBS did not give him the proper response when it came to his live performance at the Grammy Awards.

Throughout the live ceremony, CBS provided closed captioning for individuals who are deaf. During Bad Bunny’s performance, the captions only displayed the following: “SINGING NON-ENGLISH” or “SPEAKING NON-ENGLISH.”

This caused a huge stir on social media as many felt that this was insensitive and that CBS really should have done better when it came to this. The other musical acts enjoyed their performances being transcribed for viewers at home that turned the CC feature on.

Bad Bunny would later take the stage and when he delivered his speech, almost the same exact thing happened as it only said: “SPEAKING NON-ENGLISH.”

As many have pointed out, including a report by Deadline – This could’ve been planned and have someone multilingual working on the closed captions for the night.

This comes as jurors at the Sundance Film Festival walked out of a screening for Magazine Dreams after failing to provide proper captioning for audiences that needed it.

Bad Bunny stated the following below (translated).

ENGLISH: “Thank you. This is really easy. Humble. It’s easy because I just made this album with love and passion, nothing else. And when you do things with love and passion, everything is easier, the life is easier. I want to thank everyone who listens to my music. Thank you to all the Latinos in the world, in the United States and the whole world. Thank you to all the artists that worked on this album, to the producers, Beto, Tainy… I dedicate this award… I want to dedicate this award to Puerto Rico, the capital of reggeaton in the world.”

Bunny would then go on to state: “I want to dedicate the award to all the legends and especially all the new artists, not just the legends, but also the new ones that are keeping this movement alive and refreshing it. To all the new talent, let’s continue taking this genre to the next level. Love you, thank you.”