Silverchair Members Reunite In Beautiful Photo


Former Silverchair members Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou reunited in a beautiful new photo. Ben and Chris were hanging out with Matt Lovell, who was the assistant audio engineer on Frogstomp.

Daniel Johns discussed Frogstomp in a 2015 interview with Alternative Nation, “Looking back on that now it almost feels like another life to me. I have really vague recollections of that period also. It was a whirlwind, we were so young. We spent a lot time in America playing shows, it was big over there. In a way, I look at that period almost as if it was another person. I’m still incredibly proud of what we did when we were that young. I don’t really relate much to that music anymore though.”

In a 2015 Alternative Nation interview, Ben Gillies seemed open to a reunion. He said, “Ha! Maybe… if Dan decides to talk to his old mates again.”

He also discussed Silverchair’s hopes when they started the band as teenagers.

“I remember as kids we always talked about being ‘the biggest band in the world,’ but you never really think you’d get a shot at it.”

Regarding the band’s legacy, he said he wanted them to be seen as one of the greats.

“One of the greats. One of the few bands throughout history with that rare magic that only comes around once in a blue moon.”

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