Silverchair ‘Really Bad’ Breakup Detailed, Will They Reunite For Money?


Jeff Apter wrote a book about Silverchair 15 years ago, but for his new book about Daniel Johns, he found it harder to get access to the band’s now former members.

“It was a flat no,” Apter says of his approach to Silverchair manager John Watson about interviewing the Merewether-bred trio in a new The Herald interview.

“No one wants to talk. The tension and the issues that led to the end of the band are still simmering.”

“I thought wow, that’s such a contrast to 10 years earlier when everyone was willing and available. Like I’d go up to Daniel’s house to do an interview and Chris’ house too, it wasn’t a problem. But this time it was all doors shut.”

“I can only speculate on what happened, because only three or four people know what truly happened, but the fall out must have been really bad,” Apter says.

Silverchair’s financial success and savvy management, says Apter, mean the band won’t reform for money.

The former frontman of Silverchair now has silver hair. Rock stars are known for dying their hair crazy colors, but grey is definitely a unique one! Daniel Johns has shared a new shirtless photo of himself with a guitar. Johns looks bizarre, but very cool! See the photo below.

Daniel Johns’ biographer Jeff Apter discussed how Johns’ sound changes from album to album in a new ABC interview.

“Neon Ballroom to me was a transitional record between the grungy stuff — the early stuff — and what Daniel was seeking, which was a kind of orchestral, quite epic, slightly psychedelic, quite radical new form of rock and roll.

“There is a lot of grungy songs but there is also ‘Anna’s Song’ and ‘Emotion Sickness’ and things that are really quite different to anything they have done before.”