Nikki Sixx Confirms Surprising Motley Crue Tour Dates


While Motley Crue are reportedly planning a stadium tour in summer 2020 with Def Leppard and Poison, we could see a 40th anniversary Motley Crue tour as well in 2021.

A fan named Loree tweeted Sixx some early 1981 tour dates, “From a Google search about Motley Crue early tour dates…is this correct?” Sixx confirmed, “True. Cool to see the old dates.”

Sixx then cryptically tweeted, “Those early days were all about NEW music, laser focused work ethic and pushing buttons. Glad we did it together. Hey in #2021 we will be 40 years old. Maybe a good thing to celebrate??? Let’s throw a massive party. 🤘🏽”

He added, “Wow #2021.” Poison frontman Bret Michaels dropped a major tour announcement date hint in a new interview, along with Def Leppard making some cryptic 2020 comments.

While many Motley Crue fans are thrilled with the reunion tour news, one fan named dhfatty wrote on the band’s Reddit page, “Please no. I saw them in 2015 when the whole farewell thing started. This was the 2nd time I had seen them, the other being in 2005 during the Red, White, and Crue/Carnival of Sins run. The first time was great, they had gotten back together, things seemed to go well, Vince half assed his vocals but not near as bad as he does now.

The 2015 performance I witnessed was extremely disappointing and I knew that even if they never toured again that I wouldn’t go see them live again. They brag that they quit this time at a peak, with all 4 original member instead of continuing like other bands without original members and who obviously do it for the money BUT at least those bands somewhat still sound good.

Vince does not put on a good show anymore and his ability to keep his breath long enough to sing even 3/4ths of the words is gone. Motley Crue may not be a cash grabbing TOURING band but they cash grab hardcores with all that bullshit anniversary merch they put out. They’re done now and need to stay done. New fans are better off YouTubing shows from the 80’s and 90’s to somewhat witness a great performance by the Crue that we all love. Rant over, sorry not sorry.”

Kotterman21 responded, “Not to be that guy but I’d pay to go see them. I’ve watched all their concerts and I know how horrid Vince sounds. With that being said, I’d still like to go see them just to be able to say I’ve seen my favorite band live before it’s too late. So my fingers are crossed that it happens.” Motley Crue recently hinted if a member will be replaced on tour.