Silverchair Release New Video Teasing 2022 Reunion?


A lot of secrecy surrounds many bands. In some ways, bands are more out in the open than even while other bands stick in the shadows never to see the light of day. You have fans on both sides of this. You have your fans who love to know what their favorite band is up to. What are they eating? Are they getting married? What is the new dog’s name? Then, you have fans who love the mystery of it all. They love to be back in the days of old where they would just have to buy a ticket or buy an album to be able to see, hear, and feel what was going on with their favorite band or artist.

One band has the mystery factor figured out and that’s Silverchair. The former young-Grunge band boomed onto the scene and gained tons of notoriety extremely fast. The band gained followers of all age groups and really hit the ground running. Since the band broke up, many fans have dreamt about the day that the band would come back together. In fact, because the band was so young when they kicked off, they still have a lot of prime left in them.

In a recent photo/video posted up on Instagram by Ben Gillies, fans thought that the band could be getting back together for a reunion or maybe even a new album. This really made a lot of fans rejoice and incredibly happy with what could have been. Sadly, this was shot down pretty quickly. However, there still seems to be something going on that no one can really put their finger on. Silverchair seems like they are up to something, but what is it? We will have to continue to follow this story and see what comes next from the band.