Silverchair Singer Daniel Johns Has Grey Hair In Bizarre Shirtless Photo


The former frontman of Silverchair now has silver hair. Rock stars are known for dying their hair crazy colors, but grey is definitely a unique one! Daniel Johns has shared a new shirtless photo of himself with a guitar. Johns looks bizarre, but very cool! See the photo below.

Daniel Johns’ biographer Jeff Apter discussed how Johns’ sound changes from album to album in a new ABC interview.

“Neon Ballroom to me was a transitional record between the grungy stuff — the early stuff — and what Daniel was seeking, which was a kind of orchestral, quite epic, slightly psychedelic, quite radical new form of rock and roll.

“There is a lot of grungy songs but there is also ‘Anna’s Song’ and ‘Emotion Sickness’ and things that are really quite different to anything they have done before.”

Diorama, three years later, once again kept fans guessing.

Apter, then a journalist with Rolling Stone, documented the recording sessions for the album in Australia and the US, where Silverchair worked with Beach Boys collaborator Van Dyke Parks.

“They had signed a deal directly to an American record company, [who] put up a lot of money to make this new rock record, and he came them with ‘Tuna In The Brine’,” Apter says, referring to the sixth track on the album, which is full of complex melodies, acoustic guitars and string arrangements.

“There was a whole lot of ‘what the hell is this’. They knew it was good, but they couldn’t sell it. Because in America, Silverchair was ‘Tomorrow’.”