Gene Simmons Daughter Films Weird Backside Video


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ lovely daughter Sophie Simmons filmed a video of her dog George with dashing brother Nick of his backside sticking out of the doggy door, with George seemingly unable to decide if he wanted to stay inside or go outside. Gene Simmons’ daughter recently rejected a man who hit on her.

Sophie appeared to say, “George, in or out bro?” She then made a kissy sound.

Love Gun 07 posted a review of a recent KISS ‘End of the Road’ tour show in Syracuse on, “What a blast! I even liked the theme park / carnival atmosphere of the venue. Kinda reminded me of what it would be like seeing KISS at Magic Mountain or something

The show was awesome, same setlist but amazing energy by the band. I was thoroughly impressed.

I LOVE Crazy Nights as an encore, it works will work RARAN as closer. Paul getting stuck on his flying rig was hilarious as the had to take him back across the crowd at turtle speed…meanwhile Gene and Tommy kept extending the outro to IWMFLY as he crept toward the stage! Lol Fun night. If this was the last time, what a good last KISS it was.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter and Paul Stanley partied in a new photo last week. KISSTRONAUT wrote, “Saw my first KISS show in Lexington, Ky in 1979 at the age of 18. This was very likely my last KISS show forty years later with my son who is also 18. I also had my younger brother with me who turned me onto KISS back in 1976 and we saw our first KISS show together in 1979.

Venue aside, the show was great. Crowd was awesome. I believe the set list was the same at the Louisville gig a few months back with the exception of Crazy Nights in place of Do You Love Me. I believe this was my 13th KISS show over the years.” Gene Simmons’ wife recently revealed a health scare.