Silverchair Singer Gets In Painful Car Accident


Daniel Johns started out as just any other kid with big rockstar dreams would have – that is, until it became a reality. His band, Silverchair would be one of the first of the Grunge bands to sell so many records at such a young age. Silverchair, at the time of their debut album were all in their early teens while most successful bands were in their late twenties. Daniel touched on this topic in an interview from when Silverchair were dominating the rock charts as they set out to influence many other bands who thought they were too young to be played on the radio as Johns had pointed out.

Sadly, Johns just suffered a mental health episode leading to a car accident, and he is checking himself in to rehab for alcoholism.

Also recently, Johns discussed the music business. In the aforementioned interview, Daniel states that many bands were older than Silverchair and many felt that that’s what you needed to be in order to sell records and rake in the money. Daniel Johns stated and showed that this just wasn’t the case at all due to how successful his band had gotten.

In the flashback video, Daniel says how he really just wanted to inspire other artists who felt that they were too young to make a difference in the music scene. Daniel Johns is very laid back in the interview and it feels that he really cares about the band who found themselves in the similar mindset to his. Many bands of this era were rather push-offish about topics such as this, so it’s great to see someone of Johns’ status and stature doing a service to anyone who wanted to hear him out for his mission and guidance. Below, you can check out the clip of the interview in which Daniel goes in on what it’s like to be so young and so recognized in the music industry. From many other artists, it doesn’t seem much has changed.