Jimmy Page Rejects Album With A-List Singer


Led Zeppelin guitarist and overall rock and roll icon, Jimmy Page has been known for his collaboration albums over the years. From working with Free and Bad Company lead vocalist Paul Rodgers as a member of The Firm to his effort with Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale. The latter would touch on unreleased material that will be eventually released later next year. The material will be heard on the expanded Coverdale–Page album that was released in the spring of 1993. Page made these comments on Polish radio station Radio 357. Credit to LedZepNews for the following.

Jimmy Page would make this Led Zeppelin reunion demand. “There’s a lot of songs that we didn’t get to release,” Coverdale told Radio 357. “I was very excited to work with Jimmy. I thought we did a very good job getting the best out of each other at that time in our lives. And I had [a] very, very creative electricity feeling so I was coming up with ideas and I said to Jimmy ‘We can do another album. We can make Coverdale Page 2.’ And his manager at that time was not encouraging.”

Coverdale would continue:

“I’ve utilized a lot of those songs with Whitesnake, like on Flesh & Blood, ‘Gonna Be Alright’ was one of those guitar licks I had for Coverdale Page 2 and on Restless Heart, I don’t know whether you remember when we spoke so long ago, two of those songs I’d written for a Coverdale Page 2 which was ‘Woman Trouble Blues’ and ‘Take Me Back Again’.”

Lastly, the Whitesnake frontman would say that he has several songs and jam sessions in the can from his collaboration with Jimmy on the 1993 album.

“So at least these songs are getting exposure but we still have, I think, maybe four songs and a lot of jam sessions in the can,” Coverdale added. “It’s just very dangerous now for … Jimmy doesn’t have a studio at home. I have a studio around the corner from my house so I can do all this remixing during the terrible Covid experience. But Jimmy can’t get to a studio. There are still dangerous elements of these Covid variants coming out but we have the thirtieth anniversary in 2023. It’s fantastic, Peter, it’s the thirtieth anniversary of Coverdale Page, amazing to think of, so I would love us to make a beautiful box set for that … as soon as I finish touring, I’m back in the studio.”