Silverchair Singer Replaces Bandmates On Song


Daniel Johns has been in the news of music for the first time in a long time as the world rediscovers who he is and just how big Silverchair was when the Grunge movement was about to come to a screeching halt. Often stigmatized and made fun of, Silverchair were very ahead of their time with just how much talent they had inside of their teen hearts.

The vocals that Daniel Johns brought to the table sounded much more like a cigarette smoking twenty-something who had been through countless breakups rather than a young teenager who still had a curfew. The world dubbed Silverchair as ‘Nirvana in pajamas’. Which, really wasn’t fair to the band as they were their own brand of music and really could do exactly what they set out to do.

Silverchair had a few really big hits out the gate. Of course, the band was very lucky to have a record deal and a big producer backing them up to help them write music and get it to the right people. Many bands were not as lucky. A conspiracy theory had rolled on saying that the band was simply made by a record label and none of the members truly knew each other.

Fast forward and the song ‘Freak’ comes out which was an instant smash hit for the band. It was really like a second coming of Nirvana with the tone that the band had reached in the song.

Present day, Daniel Johns and the rest of Silverchair are no longer together and Johns says that one of the first songs that he ‘reclaimed’ for himself was the hit, ‘Freak’. Johns is now captilizing on his new-found (again) success as he is letting out bundle packages (thank you, Tone Deaf) with handwritten ‘Freak’ lyrics for his fans as he takes another step into the direction of being totally himself. Johns has recorded a new version of ‘Freak’ without his Silverchair bandmates, as seen in a post below.

Also, there is a Daniel Johns imposter which he confronted that you can check out below as well.

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