Billy Corgan Suffers Awful Injury At Smashing Pumpkins Show


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan suffered a concussion when leaving a concert in Prague earlier this week.

“Well, we didn’t play the Stones classic ‘Street Fightin’ Man’, but we played the rest. Thank you, Prague. Brilliant, hot show. I got a concussion afterwards, but that had nothing to do with you (I ran smack into an errant bus door) @smashingpumpkins.”

Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin saw Eric Clapton on a day off while on tour, writing on Instagram, “Always great to see a legend still delivering. @Eric Clapton was in the zone last night. I’ve been a fan nearly my entire life.

There aren’t many players that have mastered and defined an entire genre of music, not to mention someone that always picks incredible drummers to play with including @dr.stevegadd #jimgordon @gingerbakedrums – all huge influences on yours truly.

Oh, and it was nice to see a few other masters on stage @kurtisrosenwinkel @paulcarrackofficial @doylebramhall2 @nathaneast and the great @sonnyemory laying it all down. #legend #layla #bucketlist #derekiseric.”

He also recently wrote, “Our handsome bass player mr. @jackbass89 Jack has been killing it every night, making my gig easy! Here he is getting stalked by a music professional. #smashingpumpkins.”

“Once again @williampcorgan and @lindastrawberry knock it out of the park! What an incredible set this is. Come on out and see us! #smashingpumpkins.”