Slash Criticizes Greta Van Fleet For Led Zeppelin Similarities


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash discussed Greta Van Fleet and the state of rock in a new Rolling Stone interview.

No up-and-coming musician could live the way that Guns were living before the band was signed, because it would all end up being narced on via social media.

“Oh yeah, yeah. I mean, it would seem like you were doing it intentionally, or whatever.”

The Greta Van Fleet phenomenon is interesting – they’re opening for you guys.

“It makes me really happy to see it. I wish they didn’t sound so much like Led Zeppelin, but still, the idea of fuckin’ four kids getting onstage and just playing their fuckin’ asses off with just a couple amps and a drum kit, and just playing their instruments, as opposed to having all this other fuckin’ shit going on, you know, that’s really healthy, and I think that’s inspiring.

“It definitely makes a lot of kids who are doing the same thing, that no one’s ever heard of… it gives them hope to be able to get somewhere.”