Slash Makes Sad Guns N’ Roses 2024 Announcement


Slash told Travis Mills on Apple Music 1 that Guns N’ Roses will release ‘newly written’ music by 2023 or 2024, so fans sadly will have to continue to wait. Slash recently revealed two new Guns N’ Roses songs.

Well, there’s a lot going on. I mean, there’s a lot of making up for 2020 right now because we’re able to go out and play. So I’m out with the Conspirators in the states through March and then I’m out with Guns N’ Roses from, I guess end of May or early June all the way through the end of the year doing a European tour in Australia and South America. And then doing the international tour with the Conspirators at the top of next year, so that’s Europe and Australia and Asia and South America. There’ll be a lot more stuff written for both bands during that long trek, so sometime, I would say probably new music would be coming around 2023, 2024.”

He also discussed TikTok, “I just think that because of the major changes in sort of the norm as far as the industry is concerned, a lot of the old school ways have sort of been kicked to the side. TikTok and a lot of the other sort of social platforms are great vehicles, great new vehicles for people to be able to get some eyeballs on them. Eyeballs and ears. It’s great for exposure. When people take notice and you go viral, it’s a huge thing.

So it’s actually, in some ways, better than it was in the old days because you just have to know how to utilize what we have available at the moment. But I think it reaches a lot of people so I think it’s great. I play stuff from old cats. I play stuff from new guitar players that I catch online and stuff that I would never even know about if it weren’t for some of the social platforms that we’re using. Anyway, and I post all that stuff and it’s great because it exposes a lot of people who might not otherwise have seen it.”