Slash May Have Dropped Awful Guns N’ Roses Bombshell


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently did an interview with VOS, but it’s important to note that the interview wasn’t published in English, and it appears that it was conducted in early April. Based on the evidence, it seems like Slash was misunderstood by the interviewer or it was a misquote.

The headline states, “I would like it, but I do not think there’s a new album by Guns N’Roses.”

A fan on MyGNRForum named Nacho LZ also translated (which means it isn’t just a Google translation) a portion of the interview where Slash is asked about a new GNR album.

The interviewer asked, “They asked me not to ask anything about Guns N Roses, but I need to know if is there any chance of a new album.”

Slash responded, “At this point, we all want to do a new record. That’s true. But to actually do it… I don’t think it will finally happen. Let’s see.”

Many fans are speculating that the journalist could have misunderstood Slash, as in several recent interviews he has said he will be working on the new Guns N’ Roses album after wrapping up his tour with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Slash also went to Axl Rose’s home just a couple of weeks ago to work on new material. Fans have attempted to reach out the the interviewer about a possible misquote, which seems very possible based on how the answer was worded. Just one word entirely changes the answer. It does appear though that Slash is saying there isn’t a secret album recorded, and there is a lot of work to be done, which is disappointing for fans hoping to hear new music by the end of 2019 like Richard Fortus previously hinted at.

In a La Nacion Rolling Stone interview that was also just published and conducted at the same time in early April, Slash seemed very positive about new GNR.

Do you plan to write material for the new Guns N ‘Roses album while you are in South America?

“When I finish this tour and return to Los Angeles we will begin to work with hope on the new Guns album.”

A few days ago three years of the first night when you played with Axl Rose and Guns N ‘Roses, in the Troubador. How was that return?

“The Troubador was surreal, like a kind of magical night. In that place we had our musical beginnings, so he also had a sentimental load. Since the 80s we did not play there. It was a crazy and memorable moment.”