Slash Nearly Killed With Rage Against The Machine Member


Legendary Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello revealed that he and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash were nearly ‘blown up’ in a pyro accident at the Voodoo Festival in a new Instagram post.

“@ozzyosbourne @slash @gusgofficial & me in 2015 practicing for Ozzy & Friends show. Ripping the solos on “Mr. Crowley”, “Bark At The Moon” & “Paranoid” with Ozzy clapping along and jumping his frog jump was most insane. #fbf Regram: @slimrichardson1 (PS-at Voodoo Fest Slash & I nearly got blown up by the pyro but that’s another story).”

Tom Morello discussed politics in a recent NME interview.

What unites those musically disparate projects is undoubtedly those aforementioned politics. Left-wing since day dot, Morello has fought for justice at every opportunity, staging protests and speaking out. Last year, when an Instagram user, @davez67, commented “Another successful musician instantly becomes a political expert” on a picture Morello posted of him holding with his ‘FUCK TRUMP’ guitar, Tom decided to respond.

“One does not have to be an honours grad in political science from Harvard University to recognise the unethical and inhumane nature of this administration,” he wrote, “But, well, I happen to be an honours grad in political science from Harvard University so I can confirm that for you.” It was the perfect clap back to all the ‘stay in your lane’ political critics that musicians across the globe have been plagued by in recent years.

“First of all, anyone who suggests that you should ‘just play guitar’ or ‘stay out of politics’, the reason they’re doing it is because they disagree with your politics,” he expands today. “When the actors Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger – who are conservative politicians – ran for office, they were touted by the same people for their charisma and how they use their artistic skills to woo the people.”