Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Emotional Photo After Tragedy


Ozzy Osbourne posted a photo of himself with Randy Rhoads on his Instagram page on Saturday, and Rhoads’ sister Kathy left a touching comment.

“The memories of my brother and Ozzy performing together are FOREVER etched in my mind and heart 💜. How “special” those days truly were……. Bittersweet 🎸✨💓.”

Kathy posted on her own page, “I know many of you Never Had The Opportunity to see Randy perform ‘live’……. One of THE MOST often asked question I get is…….. What was Randy’s ‘Size?’ He looks So Small! Well, you’re right. He was 5’7”, and weighed a “mere” 105 pounds.

He was NOT by any means, ‘too skinny’. Carrying all that heavy guitar equipment around, actually gave him some ‘definition.’ He did have the “tiniest “ pants size….. you would be surprised I’m sure. History🎸✨. Brother love 💖👫. HUGE SOUND!!!! Small guy!!✨💫⭐️💥”

“When you Lose those you love…..at times when you least expect it……. they ‘surround you’ with Love….NO doubt in my heart….💓He is with me. ( My Mom too). I can’t even ‘explain’ this …. but totally real for myself. He’s there when I least expect it, and just SO REAL🎸✨🙏🏻💖. Till we meet again……Thanks for being there brother😘…..LOVE breaks all barriers 💙✨💫😢. Same for any of you guys??”