Rage Against The Machine Singer ‘Collapses’ Onstage


Rage Against The Machine singer Zack de la Rocha was recently filmed working out at a gym, gaining muscle and getting lean! Zack is getting ready for his first tour in a decade with Rage Against The Machine. Howard Stern recently made a gross claim about attending a party with a Rage Against The Machine member. You can view photos and video of Zack falling down as part of his workouts, and also a photo Tom Morello recently uploaded of Zack de la Rocha falling offstage.

Zack’s trainer Andres Fajardo said, “t’s been a surreal experience to train Zack De La Rocha #zdlr for the past 3+ years. Now for the past 3 months we’ve been training to get him right for shows and getting back on stage with #rageagainstthemachine. Let’s get it!!!”

He added, “He will be in the best shape of his life!” “I am honored to help him continue to impact the world and give his all to the people!”

EdwardBleed commented on Reddit, “So shows are like a number of weeks away… ANYONE got any more info on this damn tour? I really don’t wanna buy plane tickets if I don’t even know if I’ll get a ticket…”

Willwillx chimed in, “I have Boston calling tickets, so it’s either a drive or flying, i’ve sorta given into flying and my baby mamma and son would be coming for the vacation too, while i goto the concerts. I’ll probably skip RHCP and go to NYC for a Yankee game Sunday. However, I’ve been battling the el paso situation.. I wanted to go for sure, then Boston Calling came about. El Paso would be about 2 days of driving 12 hours each day at least. I’m 44. Driving makes me sooooo sleepy. People will say just fly! Well sure, except i hate flying. With whole family, maybe. At least there is a support group there, and likely if something happens, we all go!”

He added, “Awesome, hope he brings the fire..Looking at the last reunion tour, he was performing well physically and vocally on the stage. looking through this guys posts… someone said.. he’s getting him ready for Coachella and he responded ‘and even bigger things.'” Rage Against The Machine recently leaked a sad Maynard James Keenan photo.