Slash Reveals If He Could Save Scott Weiland From Death


In the last few years, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has suffered losses of major rock icons who played huge roles in his life and career. His former Velvet Revolver bandmate Scott Weiland, close friend Lemmy Kilmister, and mentor David Bowie have all passed away, and in a new LouderSound fan Q&A, Slash was asked who in the world he would hypothetically bring back to life.

Vittorio Tailoi asked, “Who would you bring back to life?”

Slash responded, “I wouldn’t. If I was to use my imagination I’d bring Edgar Allen Poe back to life or Jimi Hendrix, but then what would you do? You’d be responsible for somebody being pulled out of the grave way after they’d died, and saying, ‘OK, have a good time!’ And Poe would be like ‘Oh now I’m here, you’re really a fucking bore, what am I supposed to do?’”

The Guns N’ Roses fan podcast Appetite for Distortion has uploaded a new episode: We are honored to have Tommy Stinson back on the show. In May he will embark on the North American leg of the Lemonhead’s tour, but he has so much more planned. Cowboys in the Campfire, Bash & Pop, solo record, autobiography, Guns N’ Roses, your fan questions…we discuss all!

Also joining us as co-host is Jenna from Philly, a listener of the AFD who won the chance to interview Tommy!

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