Slash’s Wife Accuses His Girlfriend Of ‘Incriminating’ Internet Trolling


TMZ reports that Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s estranged wife is on a search-and-destroy mission to find the person she says is putting her children at risk and accusing her of being a horrible mother.

Perla Ferrar filed docs in divorce court over hundreds of Instagram posts that reference private family info, as well as information and photos relating to the children’s activities and whereabouts. Perla says the posts also accuse her of being an “unfit mother and child abuser.”

In the docs, Perla says the culprit is most likely someone connected to Slash. She goes even further, insinuating it’s his live-in girlfriend, and says she even asked Slash for any information he might have about the account. Interestingly, the IG handle for the account is “altperlafhudson.”

She says Slash initially said he would cooperate, but according to the docs … he reneged once it became clear the offender was someone “with private direct access to the Hudson family.” According to the docs, most of the incriminating posts were deleted shortly after she asked Slash for the info.

Perla wants the court to force Slash’s internet service provider to disclose all IP addresses that have been used to control the IG account in question.