Sleep Science’s “Sounds of the Underground” Hits You In The Face With Nirvana Riffage


Hailing from the land of Vancouver, is a band with a sound like no other. Mixing the the grungy sound of Nirvana with elements elements of modern prog leaning bands like Muse, early 2000’s indie rock, wailing bass and ambient guitar, Sleep Science is a band that no seasoned rock fan should miss out on. In 2014, the band released their first E.P, Avoiding the Cure, to much acclaimed, landing them a strong following in the West Coast underground. In 2016 they recorded the single “Tears for Monday” which was produced by Rick Parker, most known for his work with Scott Weiland. Now in 2017 Sleep Silence have just released their latest single “Sounds of the Underground,” a track that is planned for an upcoming EP.

The track starts out with a very hard, punk guitar strum that hits you right in the face. This is then followed by a very melodic, Nirvana sounding riff that will stay in your head quickly. The vocals then kick in and sound very melodic, and then transition to much harder scream in the vain of Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters. It repeats this similar structure for about a verse, but as in goes through the next verse you hear a bit of build up that transitions into a short solo followed by a bridge, the then leads into a longer solo.

This longer solo is partnered up with falsettos that sound very similar to those of Josh Homme. After this it goes back to the previous verse, chorus structure before ending. The lyrics talk about everyday life and being a modern band in the underground. This is shown well the lyrics video of people just walking down in the subway system. It maybe be simple, but it gets the point across of comparing being an unknown band to the everyday in a subway station of people just walking along ignoring everyone else.

All and all “Sounds of the Underground” by Sleep Science is a track that fans looking for something refreshing in rock should eat right up.